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Hugo bouvet

Hugo Bouvet

Game design student


+33 (0)7 68 77 37 32



19 avenue des platanes
Caluire et Cuire, 69300 (FRANCE)

Date of Birth:

June 6th, 2001

About me

A little bit about me

As long as I can remember, I have always shown great interests in Arts. Be it in painting, litterature or music, creating something as a mean of expression was fascinating to me. I became to make aesthetical designs for myself, then for others in order to share my vision of aesthetics. 


Later I realised that I could use my passion for video games and esport as a new mean of expression for me and the players. I decided to combine what I have learned along classical Arts with Game Design to create unique experiences. 

The ultimate objective of my career is to create competitive games that bring people together, at home, at LANs, in stadiums.

My work experience

March 2015 - April 2015

Web design intern at UPIAN

December 2019 - June 2021

Digital designer for Infinity Area

June 2019 - Now

Graphic designer freelance

September 2019 - September 2022

Bachelor's degree in Game design
at Bellecour Ecole

• Supported staff activities to assist web page launches.

• Designed a 3D space environment representing a scene from a web           documentary/serious game.

• Developed website layouts, templates and unique branded look.

• Worked closely with team members to deliver project requirements,         and meet deadlines.

• Generated digital image files for use in digital and traditional printing.

• Produced projects for advertising and informational purposes.

• Negotiation and collaboration with retail clients.

• Enhanced knowledge about the esport industry.

• Partnership with Ubisoft (Delta Company).

• Game design, level design, economic design, system design classes.

• Learning the fundamentals of the video game culture. 

• Prototyping on Unity and Unreal engine.

• Bases of 3D modeling and Game art.

• Project presentations in front of a professional jury (Ubisoft, Arkane...)

• Workshops and meeting with Ubisoft, Epic games, Bandai Namco...


Julien Eveillé

Level designer - Arkane Studio

(+33) 06 04 15 73 64


Camille Rivière

Head of Game Design dpt. - Bellecour Ecole

(+33) 04 78 38 00 42


Xavier Lardy

Game designer lecturer - Bellecour Ecole

(+33) 06 88 75 74 99


The tools I use

Jira Software_2x-blue_edited.png

My biggest projects

Slammin Legends

A funky sport game inspired by Basketball and hero shooters in a retro-futuristic 70's environment. Slammin Legends is a multiplayer sport game made with Unreal Engine 5 by a team of 26 students.

Slammin Legends map

Stadium concept, Anthony Nivel

Screenshot 2021-12-27 160730.png

I was the project manager of a team of 26 people from different fields of studies (Concept Art, Game design, 3D Game Art, Animators...). I used JIRA and Trello to structure the organization of the projects and assign tasks. The main challenge was to evaluate properly our resources in order to deliver the best results possible for the deadlines.

I took part to the game design of Slammin Legends in its mechanics and core gameplay design, studying many sports rules and sport games gameplays. Prototyping and playtests the mechanics using UE5 was an efficient way to identify the loops that needed to be balanced.

I have realized the UI design of the project, using Photoshop for the visual assets and Unreal Engine blueprints to script dynamic behaviors in the interface.

Power smash ball

A brand new sport game using super powers in the spirit of handball. Crossing freedom of mouvements and special abilites, Power Smash Ball gives you the opportunity to score with your own playstyle.

Power smash ball lob
Hugo bouvet shader

I have realized the VFX using Niagara FX and Unreal Engine for the shaders. I have learned many things and was able to give an illusion of movements.

I prototyped the main mechanics of the game using Blueprints, and was able to make a local multiplayer mode. I'll be using Photon to host online multiplayer matches.

Power smash ball utimate
Dino VS Aliens

The Earth is threatened by a dumb paper alien specie, you must protect it with its last defense: the paper dinos. It's tower defense vertical mobile game with 10 playable levels about 5 to 6mn each. The game features a season pass and 3 type of currencies. 

Dino vs aliens
Dino Vs Aliens

The constrainst of the project was to design a game economy and prototype it on Unity. I have designed 3 kinds of currencies and a battlepass based on a F2P model.

The character design was realised by 3D students, and I have realised the rest of the assets. It was my first time working on UI/UX in a game, I followed a wireframe in order to design the shop and the menu.

Dino Vs Aliens

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