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Slammin Legends

2021 - 2022

  • Project manager leading 26 artists and devs

  • UI/UX design

  • Game design

A  funky multiplayer sport game inspired by Basketball and hero shooters.

Adjust your toss, steal the ball with your dash, dose your jump to shoot... Or use the special ability of your character to create crucial opportunities.

Take part into 3v3 matches, where the first team to win 2 rounds wins the match.

Graduating project

Project currently in development on Unreal Engine 5

Slammin Legends

A brand new sport game using super powers in the spirit of handball.

Crossing freedom of mouvements and special abilites, Power Smash Ball gives you the opportunity to score with your own playstyle.

It's a 1v1 game where the goal is to score the most points in the oposing goal in a 3mn match.

2nd year final project

Selected by the jury as a 3rd year project

Power Smash Ball

June, 2021

  • A 2 months solo project

  • VFX/shaders using Unreal's Niagara

  • 3C design

Il n'y a aucun article à afficher pour le moment.

March, 2021

Dino vs Aliens

  • UI/UX design

  • Lead Unity programer

  • Digital design

Monetization assignement

The Earth is threatened by a dumb alien specie, you must protect it with its last defense: the dinos.

Place your defenses on the map and survive the alien waves. Upgrade or destroy them to adapt to each waves.

It's tower defense vertical mobile game with 10 playable levels about 5 to 6mn each. The game features a season pass and 3 type of currencies.

Dino vs aliens

Ubisoft LD workshop

A Trackmania map realized during a level design workshop with Ubisoft Ivory Tower.

I have the basis of rational level design, the advantage of the variety, and the importance of guidance.

My intentions were to make a smooth map emphasizing a ride in the Grand Canyon.  

Road 66

April, 2021

  • A map designed in 1 month

  • Ubisoft workshop

  • Level Design documentations

December, 2020

Cyber Ninja

  • Modular assets

  • AI behavior

  • Level art

First group project

Project realized within 4 weeks

My very first group project for a video game, the constraints were to use modular assets that we made in a 2D level.

I have made the code, the lights, the project management, and most of the level design. The 3D assets were made by my teammates.

It's a 2D platformer level with some AI bots trying to charge the player.

Playmaker assignement

A level realized in the shape of an introduction to unity add-on Playmaker.

The constrainsts were to use playmaker only to make a zombie level in top down view.

The player controls a tank has to survive an endless zombie wave.


January, 2021

  • AI behavior

  • Unity programming

  • Fast prototyping


April, 2020

  • UI/UX design

  • Flying physics

  • UE4's UI programming

UE4 blueprints

The scope was to reproduce a wingsuit with a velocity relative to the pitch.

I was inpired by the Iron Man suit for the UI and I wanted to reproduce the same vibes.

It's a simple level introducing the wingsuit physics. 

Game jam experience

This was my very first video game that I have made. 

I took part to a game jam with four of my friends, our theme was the pink dolphin.

The goal is to the most people drawning in the water before the end of the timer.

Pom Dolphin

October 2019

  • 48h project

  • Graphic design

  • 2D art

  • artstation
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